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  • What is Network Ads?
    Announcements In Network, is a Collaborative Platform of physical and virtual Businesses, where the users publish and promote their announcements of sale of goods, products and services. A virtual platform for Free Online Marketing! The Red Ads platform works in a similar way to social networks, it is an article publication system adapted to publish ads, it is easy to use and incorporates social network functionalities. The visitors of the site are Spanish and English speaking, each user can write in their native language, as well as the rest of the pages are automatically translated from Spanish to English, the advertisements on the network are not translated.
  • How to publish your ads online?
    The first step to start publishing your Online Ads is to complete your registration on our site, click on registration, enter your email and password and that's it.
  • What is convenient to do after registering?
    After registering and although it is an easy-to-use site, it is convenient that you enter it and explore it to get to know the internal operation. For example, following other members, it is advisable and very important for the promotion of your future ads, so go to the members page and follow all those members that interest you, many of them will also follow you, this will expand the chances of success of your ads inside and outside the platform.
  • When can I start publishing Network Ads?
    Within the following 24 hours of registration, we will manually authorize you to publish your ads with no limit on their quantity or duration, you can publish as many ads as you want with different content, we do not allow repeated ads.
  • How to build my Network Ads?
    The construction of Network Ads is extremely simple, first, you write the title of the ad (Try to make it an attractive and original title). Next, you can write some lines of a subtitle and later, you can upload a photograph (You can insert several photos in different areas of the text if you wish, when loading the photos they will be positioned where you leave the cursor). In addition to photos, you can also include video in your ad. Try to create ads with quality titles and texts and striking images, if you do it that way, your ads will have more impact. When you have finished with the construction of the Online Ad, enter your contact information ..... web/email/phone (Look at other ads to guide you). Finally; To complete the construction of your Network Ad, go to the end of your edited ad, leave a few spaces from the last line and create one or more lines of keywords preceded by a #hashtag, this will make your shared ad appear in searches of some social networks like Twitter (The optimal number of keywords for an ad is between 10 and 20).
  • How to promote my published Network Ads by email?
    The first part of the promotion is done automatically by the system we have created in Red Ads, when a registered user publishes an ad, the system sends an email with said ad to all registered members of the platform.< /p> The promotion that you must make of your Online Ad is simple and due to the experience we have quite effective. After your ad is published, click on it and open it on the site, copy the title, ad text and the link located in the web address box of your browser, then paste in an email title, text and link, if you wish you can also include the photos of the ad or an email template that embellishes the ad if you have it on hand. To finish, send this email to all your contacts inviting them to visit the link of your ad (Visitors see your ad they also see the last three ads published on the platform by other users, when other users do the same function, the visitors of these also visualize other published advertisements, with which, the reach of the advertisements is much greater).
  • How to promote my published Network Ads on Social Networks?
    To share your Online Ad on social networks, open your ad and click on the social network icons located at the bottom of the ad, when you click on each social network icon, a window will open that will include the text , photo and content of the ad, you click on send and shared ad. Share your Online Ads daily on social networks so that they have the maximum possible impact, but please, be diligent, do not overload the delivery network, always look at the use policies of each social network so as not to have problems with your accounts. A good formula to share your Network Ads continuously, are the Facebook groups, subscribe to groups that are related to the ads you publish, once you are a member of the groups, most allow you to publish the same ad at least once a day, but you should also read the publication rules that each group has to avoid problems like the ones mentioned above.
  • How to like an ad?
    To like an ad you must be a registered user, if you are, go to the bottom right of each ad and like the heart-shaped icon with red borders. When a user likes your ad, the system notifies you by email with the name of the user who made the like.
  • How to write comments on ads?
    To write comments on the ads you must be a registered user, if you are, click on the ad in which you want to write your comment, go to the comments box located at the bottom of the ad, write your comment, click on publish and ready comment published. When a user makes a comment on your ad, the system automatically notifies you by email, mentioning the comment and the user who wrote it.
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