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Telomerase DNA Cells & Longevity | Astragalus Membranaceus Root

Actualizado: 15 jul 2022

See how some scientists believe they could effortlessly help rejuvenate every cell in the body, including the eyes, brain and heart, by several years.

The E-book is based on scientific research carried out at Boston University, and other studies carried out in different laboratories by internationally recognized scientists. ​ The natural treatment called TA-65, activates the enzyme called telomerase, which helps protect the telomeres, which protects the cell. TA-65 is taken as a nutritional supplement and is produced by concentrating one of the compounds found in astragalus root, a plant used in Chinese medicine since ancient times. ​ If you want to know all the details of the investigations and the opinions of recognized scientists, download FREE "Telomerase DNA Cells & Longevity" and know all the details of the investigations, it is proven that the astragalus root extract is an alternative natural product that It notably improves health problems, according to some scientists, its ingredients will bring important advances in the improvement of diseases, longevity of people and every day it is more used in alternative medicine.

Download the FREE E-Book HERE

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